Experience the all new Yahoo! Music Radio Powered by CBS Radio, a free online experience that allows you access to over 300 music stations. This unique one-of-a-kind listening platform incorporates stations covering the widest possible range of formats and genres. Whether it's Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Oldies, Urban, Country, World, Latino, Alternative or any of over a hundred other styles and genres, Yahoo! Music Radio Powered by CBS Radio guarantees you'll be able to connect directly with all your favorite music, news and information. And it doesn't stop there. Hear a song you like? Then buy it. Got a favorite station? Share it with a friend. Got a lot of favorite stations? Save them for instant access the next time you log on. Yahoo! Music Radio Powered by CBS Radio puts you in control and gives you instant access to one of the largest digital music libraries in the world..

General Questions

What software do I need?

The Yahoo! Sports & News Player works entirely through your browser, so you do not need any separate software. You do, however, need Flash Player for your browser, which is often already installed. If not, you can get the latest Flash Player plug-in (currently Version 10) for your browser here:

    PC and Macintosh Users: Download Flash Player for All Platforms here

What type of Internet Connection do I need?
All radio stations are available to narrowband (dial-up) and broadband users.

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What is "Play a Mix" and how do I use it?
"Play a Mix" allows you to create a customized radio station based on your favorite song or artist. Simply enter the name of your favorite artist or song to quickly launch a unique station inspired by :

If you notice that the wrong artist is playing, be sure to look in the station info section of the player and select the "Is this the wrong artist?" link:

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Getting Started

The Player

Station Info

The "Station Info" section of the player contains a lot of helpful information about the currently-playing station. It is important to note that this section is different depending on the type of station you are listening to. Yahoo! Music stations provide links to related content like music videos and offers similar stations that you may be interested in exploring. There is also a button allowing you to set the station as a Bookmark. CBS Radio stations provide links to station web sites with exclusive information. This section will also display the location and tag line of the CBS Radio station you are listening to. The Bookmark button is replaced with a link.



The radio controls are just like controls on any music player.

→The Pause/Play button pauses the stream. A second press of the Pause/Play button will continue playback.
→The Next button skips the current song. Six skips are allowed per hour. This button becomes inactive if you exceed the six skip allotment or if you are listening to a terrestrial station.
 no skip
→Mouse over the volume control to adjust the playback volume accordingly, or click to MUTE.
→The Broadband/Narrowband button allows you to choose your internet connection.

Song Information Display

You can find information about the currently-playing song here; the artist, song and album name. Information about how you can rate songs is available here. The timer located at the bottom of this box indicates how much time remains in the current song.

Rate this Song

Want to let the DJ know how you feel about a song? Select a rating at any time while a song is playing to tell our DJs what you think about that song. Your feedback is an important factor in station programming.

Buy Songs or CDs

That's an ecommerce link, allowing you to purchase a digital version of the song that’s currently playing, or the entire album it's featured on as either a digital copy or physical CD (if available) . This example shows the "download" link highlighted:

After clicking on this link, you will be asked if you want to purchase a download from Amazon.com, or the iTunes Store, or both. When the song changes, so does the ecommerce link, so if you missed the immediate opportunity to purchase the song, just go the HISTORY tab and you’ll be able to buy it there.

Share Stations with Friends

Find a station you really like? Think a friend would like to hear the station? Simply click the "Share This" tab atop the player, and you can easily insert your friends e-mail address and share the wealth that is Yahoo! Music Radio!

What will happen if I click on the slides on my player?

Rolling over the album art shows links to search for more information about the currently playing song. Whether you want to learn more about the song, artist or album, a simple click will expose everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite music.

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Bottom Navigation

At the bottom of the player there are navigation links to access Stations, your listening History, Presets and Settings.


How do I search for stations?

You can search for stations by genre or location. Results are organized by relevance, depending on your search query.


How do I access my listening history?

Your listening history is accessible by clicking the History tab. You can view your history by song or station or both.

How long is my history stored?

The history in the player retains the last 25 songs or stations that you've listened to for each session. Closing a session will erase the history from the player.

My Bookmarks

What are "My Bookmarks"?

Like most radios, you can save your favorite stations for easy access. Once a station is set as a bookmark, simply click the play button to launch the station.

How do I add a station to my "My Bookmarks"?

On the player, there is a Station Information section that contains a button to "Bookmark My Station" (when listening to CBS Radio stations, the button is replaced with a link. Refer to the Station Info section above.). Clicking this button will add the current station to your bookmarks.

How do I change my bookmarks?

The "My Bookmarks" tab on the player takes you to a page where you can manage your bookmarks. On this page you can remove, change the order of, and play your bookmarks.

How many bookmarks can I set?

We.ve tried this ourselves, and couldn't find a limit. So we asked our tech team, who said you can save at least 50 presets. If you need more than that, maybe you should just take a look at the entire directory again!

How do I delete a bookmark?

In addition to being able to delete bookmarks from the "My Bookmarks" tab, you can remove a station from your bookmarks by listening to the station and pressing the .Remove from Bookmarks. button in the Station Information window.


The settings tab offers users the ability to manage general settings of the player: specifically, connection speed and default volume.

How do I set my connection speed preference?

You can choose your preferred internet connection speed in the settings tab. From the player, simply click "SETTINGS" and choose between narrowband (dial-up) or broadband (high-speed).

Alternatively, you can click on the word "Broadband" or "Narrowband" in the player to toggle the setting.

When the player launches, the volume is too high/low.

In addition to be able to adjust volume manually on the player's main page, the Settings tab allows you to change the default volume level (0-100, 100 is loudest) of the player.

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Do I have to register to use Yahoo! Music Radio?

No. Yahoo! Music Radio is free to all users. We respect your choice to remain anonymous and don't expect anything from you other than to enjoy our service. But with registration comes many great benefits.

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Why is there advertising in my stream? Can I deactivate advertising?

Advertising allows you to listen to music for free! The advertisements used on Yahoo! Music Radio are designed to seamlessly integrate with your preferences, so they are relevant to the things you like. And, no. You can't deactivate the ads.

How much advertising will I be subjected to?

You will only hear advertisements approximately 4 minutes an hour, and a pre-roll will play for every tenth station you change to.

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My player won't start. What can I do?

Since the player opens up as a new browser window, your pop-up blocker may be preventing the player from opening. If you have a pop-up blocker on your system be sure to enable pop-ups for cbsradio.com and play.it in your browser preferences and in your pop-up blocker software.

If this doesn't help, try re-installing the Flash software for your browser.

My audio is stopping, or stuttering. What can I do?

→Try closing unnecessary programs that are running at the same time. Graphic and video editors, in particular, take up a lot of memory and resources.
→If you have a large download in progress, slow it down or stop it when listening — the player needs a steady stream of data from the internet.
→Your browser's cache may need to be cleared out — see below for instructions on how to do it.
→If none of this helps, fill out a trouble report at the bottom of this page.

I'm having trouble installing Flash

Some users are experiencing trouble in trying to install the Flash Player. Adobe has released an installable debugger tool. Visit the Adobe Downloads page to download, or use the following links:

Adobe's Debugger Tools

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Reset to Manufacturer Settings (IE)

Many software applications (like add-on messenger services or toolbars) take over control certain aspects of Internet Explorer. If you notice issues playing / streaming using Internet Explorer, you may want to reset it to the manufacturer settings. 99.999% of the time this will fix any issue with IE.

In IE 7:

 1. Click ‘Tools’
 2. Then ‘Internet Options’
 3. ‘Advanced Tab’
 4. Click ‘Reset’, ‘Reset’ again…

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Clearing your Flash Player cache

Visit Macromedia's Support Link to learn how to clear your Flash Player cache.

For more information, please consult Macromedia.

I received an Adobe 'Local Storage' pop-up. What does it mean?

Local Storage

This messaging is part of the Adobe Flash player, and this URL explains everything related to Local Storage Settings.

Supported Operating Systems & Browsers

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows XP Home
    • Windows XP Pro
    • Windows Vista - All versions
    • Macintosh OS X (Tiger)
    • Macintosh OS X (Leopard)
    • Linux Ubuntu

  • Supported Browsers
    • Internet Explorer - Proprietary Cookie
      • IE6
      • IE7
    • Firefox - Proprietary Cookie
      • Firefox 2 (PC)
      • Firefox 3 (PC)
      • Firefox - (Latest) Mac
    • Safari - Proprietary Cookie
      • Safari (Latest) (PC) - has its own cookie
      • Safari (Latest) (Mac) - has its own cookie
    • Aol. Browsers - Share cookies with IE
      • Aol. 9.0 SE
      • Aol. 9.0 VR
      • Aol. 9.1
      • Aol. 10
      • Aol. 10.1
      • Aol. Desktop for Mac v. 1.1
      • Aol. Desktop for Mac v. 1.2.1
    • Future support
      • Google Chrome - Proprietary Cookie
      • IE8 - Proprietary Cookie

With all of all of the above browsers we try to support at least the latest non-beta version of the browser software. We do not fully support Opera : there are issues with the way it handles JavaScript.

Flash support : We support all Flash versions after version 9.0.24

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Why is my player falling asleep?

In an effort to control streaming fees paid to agencies that represent artists, record labels & publishers many companies that provide Internet music services, including Yahoo! Music, have activated a time-out feature. The Yahoo! Music player will stop streaming (time-out) after one hour of inactivity. What this means is, if you launch the player, minimize it, then leave it untouched for one hour, the stream will stop until you either mouse over it or click the start button to resume streaming.

While you may be an active listener, there are thousands who are not, and Yahoo! Music is held accountable for every song played while the player is on whether somebody is actually listening to it or not.

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How do I prevent my player from falling asleep?

Yahoo! Music will never fall asleep for active listeners. Simply mousing over the player will prevent the player from getting tired. With so many features available to interact with, there's little reason why the player would go unattended for over an hour!

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I received an error that reads "This station is unavailable from your current location". Why?

Due to strict licensing laws, Yahoo! Music can only be accessed from within the United States. If you see this error, you must be accessing the player from another country. While Yahoo! Music is irreplaceable, we recommend you try out endless personalized radio stations and discover more music at www.last.fm as an alternative.

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